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A Guide to Buying Silky Panties for Women Online

Buying panties has never been easier; there are literally dozens of lingerie and panty websites online, making it a joy to browse and compare panty styles from one site to the next.In the United Kingdom, panties were once known as knickers, but this name is no longer used since the term panties has more’sexy’ connotations than the more’sensible’ connotations conveyed by the term ‘knickers.’

The following description of panty types should assist you in making your shopping decisions, and it is aimed mostly at men who may desire to treat a special woman in their lives to some new underwear.

Bikini briefs These briefs are normally low on the hips and have a full back, though this can vary.

The top of a full brief is usually higher, lying on the waist. As the panties in the Bridget Jones movie, they gained notoriety for being amusing. There are a few variations of this style as well: boy leg These briefs have a horizontal finish across the legs, giving them the appearance of tight-fitting boys’ shorts. Lacy or sheer textiles are commonly used in such patterns.

High Cut Panties are the polar opposite of boy leg in that the sides of the brief are cut to reveal more of the top of the thigh. These are incredibly attractive since they have the effect of emphasising and enhancing the apparent length of the person’s legs. French cut is another name for them.

Thong panties have a waistband that is connected to a thin (often just a string) at the back and a little triangle of fabric at the front.

A thong has very little material – the back is usually very slim and vanishes between the buttock cheeks! It’s ideal for wearing with particularly tight-fitting trousers since it hides the visible panty line, often known as VPL. It’s particularly fantastic under white because it makes it appear as if no panties are being worn at all! The disadvantage is that such panties can feel very unusual at first; but, once you’ve gotten used to the sensation, you’ll probably become addicted to them! According to online surveys, the thong looks to be the most popular form of underwear among women under the age of twenty-five. However, it should be noted that the poll should not be taken too seriously because it only involved a limited number of people who were self-selected. It’s likely that more people who wear thongs chose to answer, but people who wear other types of panties did not.

The thong, or tanga as it is known in Brazil, comes in a variety of styles: G-string, V-string, and T-back all differ in the amount of cloth attached to the rear waistband. Some sources claim that the G-string is derived from stripper’s underwear, and there does appear to be some ambiguity in how these garments are defined from nation to country.

Crotchless (also known as open-crotch) panties This style of panty is self-explanatory; it’s a popular choice for bedroom wear for obvious reasons!

Panty sizes are, nevertheless, the most common issue when purchasing panties online. The main issue is that each country has its own system of sizing specifications. In a physical store, you can inspect the pants, whereas online, you must rely on the veracity of the descriptions. Some websites offer sizing charts that can be used to convert sizes between continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Even within Europe, sizes might differ, necessitating the use of conversion charts between, say, France and Italy. Unfortunately, the sizes of panties from the United States are the most difficult to convert to and from.

It’s strange that, with probably more American lingerie retailers online than those from other nations, they’ve made it impossible for individuals in other countries to buy with trust from them based on sizing!

Pantyhose are made of a range of materials, ranging from lace to satin to nylon, just like other lingerie. In the United States, it is usual to find gussets with a built-in cotton crotch. Indeed, panties without a cotton crotch are likely to be more difficult to come by, though companies in the UK are currently producing throwback replicas of fifties sheer nylon styles. They may not be appropriate for everyday wear, but these designs are meant to make the man in your life period underwear for a 10-year-old go crazy! Surprisingly, the materials and designs that have consistently resulted in regular’re-orders’ from the sites with which I am engaged are the traditional classic designs in satin finish. The material looks wonderful on and feels silky to wear, thanks to its beautiful glossy sheen. I prefer these panties (sorry, men, no thongs for me!) but I’ve looked all over the world for suppliers and there are only a few companies that utilise this lovely satin material.

So, the next time you’re thinking about adding to your lingerie collection, do what so many busy ladies do and use your computer to choose the most comfortable and attractive underwear from the convenience of your own home!

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